Great Property to Test Selling at Auction Versus Traditional List

Thank you so much.  I agree the free market brought what the market value was.  My expectations are realistic in that aspect.  This was a great property to test selling at auction versus listing with an agent and I'm happy with the results.  All things considred, including location, demographics of tenant and access to buildings before hand, I am pleased.  Net return about 15% in about 10 months.  It was a hassle to get the 15% of the stock market isn't giving me that right now, so I'm happy.

~ B. O'Neill

We Were Amazed At the Skill and Speed You Demonstrated!

Thank you very much for everything you and your team did to sell our farm and equipment.  We were amazed at the speed and skill you demonstrated navigating the restrictions Virginia implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many months before the outbreak we scheduled our pre-auction property tour for March 24th.  As the pandemic spread and we got closer to the tour and auction dates, it was not clear what government actions would be taken and how they would affect our plans.  As a proactive measure, you arranged for an earlier property tour using social distancing and CDC disinfection guidelines.  You fielded pre-auction offers and counter offers from qualified buyers immediately after the tour that resulted in a purchase contract.  Your timing could not have been better as the next day the Governor announced an immediate ban on gatherings of more than 10 people in Virginia.  Having Wilson Auction Company sell our farm and equipment was the best decision we could have made.

~Bob and Kim Remsberg~

I Could Not Be Happier With the Outcome!

I was able to take all of my worries off of me and place them squarely on your shoulders.  Your team did a wonderful job and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

~Rhoda Johnston~

Many Thanks for You Impressive Efforts!

Many thanks to all of you for your impressive efforts.  We appreciate your help and professionalism throughtout the process.  It has been a pleasure working with you.

~ Ron Lohr ~

I Was Very Impressed With The Entire Team!

I was very impressed with the entire team!  Tony is a very talented and delightful person to work with.  I will continue to highly recommend you.

~ Charlotte Scott ~

Thank You for Your Expertise My House & Lot!

Thank you for all your expertise in selling my house and lot.  It was amazing how seamless and easy you made it ~ all done in a short time frame!  Best of all, I didn't have to do anything once you got rolling.  You can bet that I'll reccomend your services.  It was difficult for me to let it all go.  I thank you for your kindness and patience through it all!

~Ruth Button~

They Cared About Me!

After trying to sell my home and acreage with four different realtors, I started researching the real estate auction process and found Tony Wilson (Wilson Auction Co.) and Nicholls Auction Marketing Group. 
From the very beginning, Mr. Wilson was professional and sensitive to my needs.  The entire process was so easy for me.  I was constantly kept abreast of all activities relating to the upcoming sale.
On my auction date, an entire team arrived at my home, efficiently set up their equipment and conducted the auction.  At the conclusion of the event, all those involved spent more time with me, answering any and all of my questions.  They were in no sense ready to "just" rush off.  They cared about Me!Even now, many days later, Mr. Wilson remains in contact as I plan my future.  I would recommend this team without a moment's hesitation.  I have already spoken with friends of their wonderful, caring service.

~Carolyn Bishop-Carter~

Guidance, Assistance and Professionalism In Selling My House

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind guidance, assistance and professionalism in selling my house.  The amount of interest in the property as a result of your marketing efforts was incredible and really paid off in the price garnered at the auction.  As you know, I inherited this property and was concerned about it selling for enough money to pay off the mortgage.  Because of your advice and efforts, it sold for much more.  The entire process was so much quicker and easier than trying to sell the house in a more conventional way and I'm convinced it sold for more than it would have.  Dealing with you and your company was a pleasure, I couldn't be happier.  I will recommend your company without hesitatation.  This process has made what has been an emotionally painful process for me much easier!!

~Susan Pearson~

Satisfied Client

I am writing to let you know that I was pleased with the recent sale of my house.  I am glad that I choose an auction versus the traditional sale.  I found the process to be efficient, reliable and excity.  You may count me among your satisfied clients.

~Anne Ferguson~

Thank You for Supporting the 2016 CMR Farm Fair

Thank you for supporting the 2016 CMR Farm Fair.  We are fortunate to be in positions to help our next generation of agriculturists learn and benefit from these livestock projects.  With your help we were able to purchase 8 animals this year to the sum of $14,685 to the 4-H youth.  The other benefit of this fund is that we are able to bid and help increase the overall amount to the youth.  We all know the slim margins we work with in our industries and it is vital to help this next generation get a foot in the door.  Again, thank you, we greatly appreciate you supporting this project.  

~ Julie Williamson, Friends of CMR~

We Appreciate the Professionalism and Dedication to Your Process…

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your Staff for your professional presentation regarding the benefits of listing our property with your auction company.  We gave considerable thought to using the traditional method of selling our property with a Real Estate Broker. After considerable discussion, we decided the auction process gave us a more definitive time frame of the sale than the conventional method.We appreciate the professionalism and dedication to your process and would recommend this to anyone as a positive solution when attempting to sell a property in a timely method.     

~Chuck & Anne Ramey~

I Recommend You to Everyone!

I want to thank you for the assistance in selling our property.  I tell everyone how you and your company help with everything right down to signing on the dotted line.  I recommend you to everyone!  Many thanks! 

~ Fran Edwards~

I Highly Recommend This Company

I recently used the services of Wilson Auction Company and wanted to let others know of their great service. I found all personnel to be very professional, trustworthy and compassionate. Their advice and work were exceptional from the beginning to the end of the auction; handling all aspects but insuring that I was fully informed.  I highly recommend this company.

~Debbie B. Wilkins~


We Were Extremely Satisfied With The Auction Process

I want to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to you and your company on your handling and auction of my parents’ estate. My parents collected and gathered many things during their lives; some things were ordinary, other things were very valuable. Your knowledge and expertise made possible a proper evaluation of their possessions and ultimately a very fair monetary return to the family. My parents collected for over 65 years and had a collage of things stuffed in their house. I know you spent many hours day and night cataloging, photographing and searching their home to find and properly gather their things to advertise and sell the items for a fair market value.

We also decided to sell the real estate through your auction process. We were attracted by the elimination of warranties and guaranties necessary in typical real estate transactions. We also liked the time limitations associated with the auction process because we wanted to bring closure to our parents passing. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. Your thorough and exhaustive advertisement campaign made sure many interested bidders were at the auction. Ultimately the home sold from more than 20% more than the recently appraised value. We were extremely satisfied with the auction process.

Thank you so much for your efforts, concern and respectful sale of my parent’s belongings and home. You have earned my respect for your company and your abilities.

With Sincere Appreciation,
~Greg Johnson~

Putting the client first

Over these many years, we have been honored to serve so many satisfied buyers and sellers. Receiving their recommendations and referrals always makes us proud. In many ways, those we serve become like family. We do not take their trust lightly and we appreciate the kind words and repeat business from each one.